ChopRoom is a competitive cooking venue that brings companies together for team building.

COOK With 3 surprise ingredients and a pantry full of staples, you'll put your communication and decision-making skills to work and create an appetizer and an entree.

COMPETEYou'll go up against a clock and other teams. Whose dishes have the best presentation, complexity, creativity, and flavor? 

CONNECT - A successful team building event that keeps people engaged, motivated, and energized. 

Team building is an essential part of growing strong, innovative and happy employees in any company. Let ChopRoom do all the work while you have all the fun.


Contact us today to schedule your customized event! 

"Had so much fun! I don't cook much but still felt included and welcome."

                                 - KG

"Great place for team building, we had so much fun. The staff is amazing!!!"

                            - Gabriel