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You have reached the brainstorming session with your team and no doubt the process has been an adventure. No process is perfect; the point is progress, not perfection. There are several things that you, as a leader, should keep in mind throughout this process:

1). Consider each employee’s ideas as valuable. Remember there is no such thing as a stupid idea.


Thus far in our series we have discussed leadership, different aspects of putting together a team, ground rules, and listening skills. Today we look at brainstorming which uses several skills we previously discussed. Here are some aspects of brainstorming to set your team up for success. 

Ground rules: You established ground rules in the past for yo...

Many people consider themselves good listeners because they pay attention to others when they speak; but active listening involves more than not speaking when someone else is talking. Not only do you listen to the speaker's words, but you listen through their body language, tone, behaviors, facial expressions, and moods. It also means remembering what team m...

There are norms, or ground rules, that you and the team establish to set the team up for efficiency and success. They can be simple directives or general guidelines and we will explore both in this week's article. Make sure the team creates these ground rules by consensus and commits to them, both as a team and as individuals.

Simple Directives 

These are...

To continue our conversation about roles and responsibilities, once you have defined each team member’s role and responsibilities, move onto the overall team. Set your team up for success by considering the strengths and talents of each team member. This will help leaders determine the scope and possibilities of projects when ascertaining aptitudes and skill...

If you have ever been involved on a team with too many points of contacts and leaders, you know that confusion ensues. No one knows who oversees what, and the energy drains from the project. Before you know it, the project becomes another shelved project for another year. You wonder how that happened, especially in a group full of talented go-getters. This c...

Here at ChopRoom, we bring you an experience that cultivates just the kind of team you want in your organization. ​We are sharing our passion with our readers through a series of articles on our steps to building an effective team. We hope our insights will help you build the business you want. To get started, let’s discuss missions, goals, and evaluating pe...

Leaders and managers are necessary in organizations, and we all hope for a manager, director, or supervisor to also be a dynamic and competent leader. Nevertheless, those qualities are not mutually exclusive. There is a difference between leading people and managing work. At one time in business, we were taught that being a good manager meant being task-orie...

When a manager mentions the phrase team building activities, it can evoke eye rolls and groans from staff members picturing an awkward scene from the TV series, The Office. Fortunately, team building has evolved dynamically from the well-known trust-fall exercise to creative and interactive experiences. Team building among your staff is an asset that should...

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