• Jay Schultz

Pro Tips for Creating Great Camaraderie in the Workplace

Discover 5 pro tips for building a great sense of camaraderie in the workplace.

Can you be friends with your colleagues in the workplace?

The answer - a resounding YES!

Is it a wise idea? And should you encourage team members to be friends?

Well, we believe great teams come about when people can actually trust each other but we’ll let science and studies around this topic speak for themselves.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, perhaps let’s define workplace camaraderie first.

According to, camaraderie is defined as a sense of trust, goodwill, and loyalty that has developed between people over a significant period of time.

So, what are some pro tips for creating great camaraderie in the workplace?

1. Encourage open communication

Are people able to speak their minds freely in the workplace without fear of being judged for their opinions? Can people voice their concerns, discontentment, or ideas?

People are more likely to thrive in a company that has a culture of clear, honest, transparent communication. A place where they feel that they are heard and their opinions matter. In such a place, it is easier to establish a sense of goodwill and trust between colleagues.

Promoting more effective communications can also save you a ton of money. Consider that corporations with over 100,000 employees lose at least $62.4 million each year because of inadequate communication and that smaller enterprises with around 100 employees lose approximately $420,000 each year.

2. Hire people who fit the company culture

Every company has a unique company culture. What’s yours?

Is your business run on a strict corporate culture with a hierarchical order where bosses and employees don’t mix and mingle? Or is your company culture a liberal one where people are more likely to be themselves and seniors and juniors can relate one to another comfortably?


When hiring people, ensure that the person you’re hiring understands the company culture so they fit in. Hiring the wrong person who can’t adapt to the company culture will make for very awkward interactions. Hiring the wrong person may mean your retention rates drop significantly. Additionally, it’s costly to keep hiring people, so do it right the first time around.

3. Invest in people

Do you know what your employees’ goals are? Do you know what some of their hopes are? When you take an interest in those around you and seek opportunities to help them achieve their dreams it makes you instantly likable.

Hey John, there’s this course I think you might be interested in, seeing as you once mentioned that you’d like to further your education one day.’

‘Have you thought about applying for this grant for your studies? I’d be happy to write a letter of recommendation for you.

Simple statements, and yet statements that show that you listen when others speak and are willing to help others out. Helping others builds loyalty and friendship in the workplace.

4. Surprise your team

Can you imagine the look on your employees’ faces when they get to work and find a series of massage tables laid out in the boardroom for them?

It’s no secret that stressed out and overworked employees are less efficient. According to the American Institute of Stress, the most common sources of stress are:

· The future of our nation – 63%

· Money – 62%

· Work – 61%

· Political climate – 57%

· Violence/crime – 51%

While you can’t do much about most of these, you can help to lighten the load for your employees by giving them a 5-star in-house spa treatment. Create an environment in which people love to work and look forward to coming to work and interacting with each other.

5. Celebrate your top performers

Treat people well. Nothing boosts peoples’ egos like being acknowledged for their hard work and efforts. Do you notice that person who always arrives early and is the last to leave the office? Or the one who is always coming up with innovative solutions to problems?

Employees aren’t equal. While it’s good to appreciate the team, it’s also crucial to recognize those who are going above and beyond. Recognize them with gift cards, on-spot bonuses, and other incentives. Hard work should be appreciated.

Make team building a fun affair

One of the best ways to encourage team members to get to know each other outside the office setting is by engaging in team-building activities. ChopRoom is one of the leading team building for businesses companies in Minneapolis. Our innovative approach to strengthening teams and building camaraderie involves food, fun, and games. We believe in creating a space where teams can cook, compete and connect.

Are you interested in booking a team building session with ChopRoom? Contact us today for more information.

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