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Why You Really Need a Team Building Excursion

The average employee in the United States spends 8.5 hours at work each day.” – Bureau of Labor Statistics

Don’t like your workmates or your job? Well, it’s probably time you did something about it. Why? Because the average person will spend more than 90,000 hours of their life or 10 years with one company before calling it quits. The World Health Organization (WHO) puts it this way: 58% of the world’s population spends one-third of their adult life at work. That’s a very long time to spend with people you don’t get along with don’t you think so?

If your company has been struggling with team-building, then here are 5 good reasons you really need a team-building excursion.

1. Reason #1 Team-building excursions allow people to get to know each other

For the longest time, companies were run along the capitalist notion of ‘competition fosters innovation and keeps employees motivated’. Unfortunately, what this served to do was destroy potential collaborative efforts between team members and create a sense of mistrust. Today, companies are realizing that it’s not so much the need to outdo each other as it is to complement each other. Team-building excursions such as ChopRoom’s cooking exercise will help show teammates aspects of themselves that they

might not have been aware of prior to this excursion.

Reason #2 Team-building excursions improve overall productivity

Low productivity is one of the biggest challenges many managers and team leaders face from their team members. Even the top 10% of so-called ‘productive employees’ struggle and according to research spend as much as 30% of their workday on break. Team-building will focus on improving the three Ps that are critical to productivity – procedures, policies, and processes. And when this is done through a fun team-building exercise, employees will pick up ways to work together efficiently and hence improve their productivity levels. And engaged employees will boost your sales by as much as 20%.


Reason #3 Team-building excursions encourage open and clear communication

Communication is a big thing in any organization. 46% of employees leave a meeting not sure what they are meant to do. If you think communication is not a major problem, consider what David Grossman has to say in his report The Cost of Poor Communications: “In a survey of 400 companies with at least 100,000 employees, the average loss per company because of poor communication was set at $62.4 million per year.” That’s a lot of money to lose over an area that can be dealt with.

Reason #4 Team-building excursions help people stay


A company is only as strong as the person at the helm and their ability to keep people motivated day-in and day-out. If you’re looking for an exciting way to inject a dose of motivation into your employees then a team-building excursion at ChopRoom’s Minneapolis-based kitchen is an absolute must. Build company culture, nurture relationships, and bond with teammates in a relaxed setting. Just remember, unmotivated employees cost U.S. businesses a whopping $550 billion a year.

Reason #5 Team-building excursions develop problem-solving skills

Friction and tension are the leading causes of workplace drama. What if more of your employees were equipped with problem-solving skills, would this help dissolve tense situations and get people back to work sooner? Would problem-solving skills avoid the unnecessary escalation of situations in the workplace? Yes, problem-solving skills are indeed very important and fortunately can be developed during team-building excursions.

Reason #6 Team-building excursions identify potential leaders within your group

If you put people in a different setting and put a challenge before them, you may be surprised by who rises to the occasion. Workplace settings aren’t the only places where leaders can be found. When you take part in structured team-building exercises such as the one offered by ChopRoom, which is designed to identify leadership qualities in your employees and foster group bonding, you might leave with a better understanding of people you need to consider promoting when you get back to the office.

Reason #7 Team-building excursions are created so people can have fun

When you go out with the team, having fun should be on the agenda! Team-building excursions give people an excuse to let their hair down and unwind. 40% of people say their work is very stressful and 25% say that their jobs are the leading cause of stress in their lives. So, when you go out for your team-building excursion make it a point to have fun and ensure that everyone else has fun too.

Ready to book a team-building excursion?

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