Team Building: Your Key to Your Successful Organization

 When a manager mentions the phrase team building activities, it can evoke eye rolls and groans from staff members picturing an awkward scene from the TV series, The Office. Fortunately, team building has evolved dynamically from the well-known trust-fall exercise to creative and interactive experiences. Team building among your staff is an asset that should be utilized by even the most cohesive teams. Success lies in learning to work well together despite differences in opinions and work style. Learning how to work through differences and unite through shared goals creates an atmosphere of success that you want and need in your organization. Check out my top three reasons why team building is vital for creating a successful organization:  


1). Team building helps staff understand your organization’s mission: 

We can all go to a company’s About Us page and read the organization’s mission and vision statement, but what does it mean? What makes you get out of bed in the morning and fight traffic to get to your company on time? It must be more than a paycheck, so what keeps employees moving forward with the organization?  I hope it’s the shared vision, mission, and passion of the organization, whether that is alleviating childhood hunger or designing dynamic logos to create a community through a new product.  Make sure all the people on your team share your organization’s mission in some way so that you all start with this foundation. This is accomplished by all team members learning more about each other and sharing their purpose in and out of the organization.


2). Team building empowers staff:  Team building is an important key to instilling empowerment in staff members. Those who feel part of their work team will know they matter and their presence in your organization is vital. They will feel more confident and secure in knowing how to deal with all kinds of different personalities. Team building means that staff members will gain more insight into their own strengths and limitation. For example, if Karen understands that her strength is in support and creating an emotionally-safe professional environment for her fellow team members, she will be more apt to jump into a project or leadership role that highlights her best professional quality. She will also be more apt to create her niche within a team based on the knowledge of her strengths.  


3). Team building creates a sense of belonging: Why is it that college students rush to purchase a shirt featuring their school’s name and logo? Why do strangers feel a sudden kinship with someone based on common experiences? Because people are hungry to belong to something meaningful and form bonds through that meaning. Social Psychologists Henri Tajfel and John Turner would classify this as social identity theory which basically means how persons view themselves based on their social groups and their sense of belongingness to it. People are loyal to brands or proudly display group logos because they see themselves reflected in that group. This includes work organizations too.  For example, Peter works at ABC Corporation and feels like a valued member of his team. He does not just view himself as an employee of ABC Corporation but says “I am ABC” and it has become an important part of his identity. Team building helps form bonds and understanding of one another as well as fostering and cultivating skills needed to create these bonds.


Henry Ford stated this wise analogy about team building: “coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”  We all dream of that in our organizations, and the fun of getting there is working together.


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