ChopRoom Steps to Building an Effective Team Series: Determining Roles and Responsibilities, Part 1


If you have ever been involved on a team with too many points of contacts and leaders, you know that confusion ensues. No one knows who oversees what, and the energy drains from the project. Before you know it, the project becomes another shelved project for another year. You wonder how that happened, especially in a group full of talented go-getters. This could be avoided by assigning roles and responsibilities to each team member. Think of this stage as your project’s blueprint or map.


Let’s start by defining the difference between a role and a responsibility, and why defining it is important. A role defines your position on a team or within an organization. The responsibilities are the actions you take within that role. It is important to define the difference because it is vital to establish what these are for each team member. They have responsibilities to complete tasks, but that is just the beginning. Team members also have responsibilities towards the success of the team, such as holding others accountable, supporting one another, and offering constructive feedback. We will discuss this further in an article on the importance of setting ground rules later in the series.



Here at ChopRoom, we bring you an experience that cultivates just the kind of team you want in your organization. ​We are sharing our passion with our readers through a series of articles on our steps to building an effective team.


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